• Chili Beans, Supermen and Fashion Slayers

    Its the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Its the second episode of Foodsotros where hosts Brooke Trout and Kris Caballero discuss all things chili. Produced by the KC Universal Network for Showsotros.com. You can listen to the whole second episode here: https://podcasts.kcuniversal.net/foodsotros/episode-002-chili If you liked the show why not try out the recipe? Here […]

  • Music Connection Archive

    Check out my archive of articles for Music Connection Magazine! Live Concert Reviews: https://www.musicconnection.com/author/brooke-trout/

  • Chili Bean Song Parody

    The following is a song parody of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean called Chili Bean, written for the second episode of Foodsotros for the KC Universal Network. You can listen to the full song parody here: https://podcasts.kcuniversal.net/foodsotros/episode-002-chili CHILI BEAN by Brooke Trout (dedicated to Sean Dunson) It was more like a soup thing from a cannery […]

  • Winter – Acoustic Live

    Brooke Trout is joined for an acoustic rendition of Winter from the album Bittersweet with Anchormen Richard Marchetta and Dave Strauss at the Santa Monica Bar and Grille.

  • Foodsotros, Hunnypot and The Joker…

    Some of you may remember Brooke Trout was a cohost of Flat Cat Radio. She is happy to announce that she is once again making her foray into the world of podcasting with a food-centric show, Foodsotros, produced by the KC Universal Network for Showsotros.com. Our first episode covers the likes of no less than […]

  • The Crow, Drop Dead Fred and more reviews…

    First and foremost, Happy Holiday Best Wishes from the Trout! This month Brooke has written two more pieces for Hunnypot Radio including reviews of King Henry and Laroussi music videos. Read them here: King Henry’s What About Me: https://www.hunnypotunlimited.com/video-picks/item/2785-king-henry-what-about-me Laroussi’s Lost: https://www.hunnypotunlimited.com/video-picks/item/2802-laroussi-lost Brooke’s true labor of love is her continuing series Movie vs Comic for […]

  • Music, Comics and Brownies

    Well Brooke is hitting the ground running trying to make the best of her new start up in Montana. She just signed the lease on a beautiful two bedroom apartment in Kalispell. Not only does she get to have her own garden plot and a kitty cat, her nurse is also trying to hook her […]

  • Mahoganygirl Archive

    Check out my archive of articles for MahoganyGirl! Movie Reviews as well as food & drink articles at http://mahoganygirl.net/! Here is just a small sample of what you can expect: Drinks: http://mahoganygirl.net/sipneworleans/ Food: http://mahoganygirl.net/food-porn-flow/ Movies: http://mahoganygirl.net/short-sweet-redbox-picks-2/

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  • Hunnypot Radio, Showsotros and more…

    Thank you to all who came out to help BT celebrate her big 40th b-day at The Mint with Hunnypot Radio! Noble Creatures, Sidney B!, Hot Sauce Holiday and Death By Politics totally killed it! If you missed the chance you can still have a listen of the entire show including Brooke’s interview at:  http://www.hunnypotunlimited.com/hunnypotlive/item/2626-hunnypot-live-387-3-19-18 […]