• Networth Anniversary and Dishing on Eggs

    Posted in Blog by Brooke Trout

    Its the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Its the third episode of Foodsotros where hosts Brooke Trout and Kris Caballero discuss all things eggs. Produced by the KC Universal Network for Showsotros.com. You can listen to the whole third episode here: https://podcasts.kcuniversal.net/foodsotros/episode-003-eggs

    Thank you to all of you who are “tuning in” and listening to the show! We appreciate all of your comments and support:

    “I was really impressed when you talked about all these different things you have tried. Different methods and different foods. You are total foodies!” -Beth, Maine

    “I listened to your chili and egg themed podcasts and loved them! Your chili jean song had me rolling lmao!” -Shellie, Oregon

    “You both sound very professional! I could easily see this show as a continuing series!” -Susan, Vermont

    “I enjoyed your podcast very much!” -Noah, Arizona

    “I’m listening to the egg episode now! Its very entertaining and informative!” -Becky, Washington

    “Each episode is better and better!” -Tim, New Mexico

    “I loved your egg insight! Especially the story you told about your Grandma’s recipe!” -Keith, Florida

    “Loved your new podcast! I love eggs too, so much I routinely eat breakfast burritos for lunch lol!” -Louis, New York

    “Great fun!!” -Billy Sheppard, music critic (Rogue Radio, Idaho)

    “I love getting tips from your show! Here is one from me: try scrambling your eggs with a bit of yogurt to make them extra-fluffy!” -Angela, California

    If you didn’t know already this year is the ten year anniversary of the release of Brooke Trout’s second album “Networth” recorded with two bands, The Anchormen and The Treble Hooks. You can get all the goodies at https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Musician-Band/Brooke-Trout-Fan-Page-143658752315707/ This is where you will get updates including fliers, photographs, lyrics, rare live audio tracks, videos, art work and more!

    Brooke is an official part of The Soupy Gato Family so wants to spread the word that if you are a band that fits any of the following requirements: Liechtenstein Traditional of any country Folk Pagan Metal Meditate cool-crazy-weird (just have good sound) Make submissions to: For Mp3’s : soupygato [at] gmail [dot] com For CD’s send via snail mail to: Daniel J Harris Kesselloop 25 4813NS Breda The Netherlands

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