Currenthoughts are Brooke Trout’s random visual considerations and cartoons. To check out more of Brooke’s Art:

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  • Chili Bean Song Parody

    The following is a song parody of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean called Chili Bean, written for the second episode of Foodsotros for the KC Universal Network. You can listen to the full song parody here: CHILI BEAN by Brooke Trout (dedicated to Sean Dunson) It was more like a soup thing from a cannery […]

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  • The Unborn

    Check out a poem by Brooke on her Tumblr page: The Unborn

  • Currenthoughts: The Paunch and Judy Show

    Currenthoughts Cartoon by Brooke Trout

  • El Pequeno Mofeto (The Little Skunk)

    Here is the story of how the skunk got its smell written and illustrated by Brooke Trout! Full PDF here: El Pequeno Mofeto

  • Dare To Be Free E-Book LIVE

    It will take a few minutes for you to download this free E-book as it is a 169 page volume but we hope you enjoy it! This marks the 20th anniversary of Different – Your Alternative Newspaper. Select the image below to continue…

  • Currenthoughts: My Siracha – My Sharona Parody

    My Siracha – My Sharona Parody by Brooke Trout Ooh my little spicy one, spicy one. Put you on the top of my fries, Siracha! Makes eggs and chorizo done, chorizo done Tapatio can’t kick like my Siracha Every single drop, squeeze it out Such a tasty find. Always get it out for a spot […]

  • Currenthoughts: Vintage 12 Inch Star Wars Tim Teebo MOC

    I don’t know if it has been done before but it was my turn and I could not resist! Currenthoughts by Brooke Trout