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    Happy New Year Everyone! 2020 marks a very special milestone for me. I have now been a music journalist officially for 20 years! It all started with a review of a Beck concert. At the time I was working as a production assistant for the news station KCOY in Santa Maria, CA. I went to see Beck at the Santa Barbara Bowl. The next day I started reading my diary entry to everyone at work. I was encouraged by the news anchors, directors and producers to submit my entry to the local newspaper, The Santa Maria Times. To my surprise they published it and not only that asked me if I would be interested in writing music reviews for their arts and entertainment magazine “Venue.” I accepted and six months later they hired me on as staff! And so began my journey…Stay tuned through 2020 for my career highlights I’m so excited to share with you! For all the nostalgic reflections find me on https://www.facebook.com/brooke.trout.79

    And if you haven’t done so already check out my facebook fan page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Musician-Band/Brooke-Trout-Fan-Page-143658752315707/ This is where you will get cartoons for 2020! Why? This year also marks the ten year anniversary of my cartoon book Currenthoughts published by Rain Dog Comics! I’ll be posting some flashbacks on how I came to be a cartoonist and may also return the weekly Sunday Funnie post you have come to enjoy!

    And here are the latest music video reviews I have written for Hunnypot Unlimited:

    Old Sport – Lightning Strikes My Spine: https://www.hunnypotunlimited.com/video-picks/item/3158-old-sport-lighting-strikes-my-spine

    Jackii Kennedy – Mine: https://www.hunnypotunlimited.com/video-picks/item/3127-jackii-kennedy-mine

    Mike Green – Honey: https://www.hunnypotunlimited.com/video-picks/item/3084-mike-green-honey

    Michete – Touch It: https://www.hunnypotunlimited.com/video-picks/item/2956-michete-touch-it

    Brooke is an official part of The Soupy Gato Family so wants to spread the word that if you are a band that fits any of the following requirements: Liechtenstein Traditional of any country Folk Pagan Metal Meditate cool-crazy-weird (just have good sound) Make submissions to: For Mp3’s : soupygato [at] gmail [dot] com For CD’s send via snail mail to: Daniel J Harris Kesselloop 25 4813NS Breda The Netherlands

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