• Songs About Animals…like Fish!

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    We love this great new article about animal songs by Will Phoenix written for The Examiner with a shout out to Brill! http://www.examiner.com/list/animal-tracks-songs-about-animals-15 The article plugs the title track of our debut album Fish Out Of Water that is now available on CDBaby, iTunes and several other digital music vendors. Will also wrote a great write up on the whole album for AXS.com you can check out here: http://www.axs.com/brill-s-debut-disc-is-no-fish-out-of-water-44289

    Our album has now been featured on programs across the globe including The Soupy Gato Show, JVonD Radio, Insomnia Radio and most recently Museboat Radio on Below Decks listen and chat show hosted by Pedro and Powlo out of Las Vegas.

    That show’s awesome playlist included:

    Logic – Leavin
    Marek Starx – Fall Up High
    Erin & The Project – Falling Down
    Icon & The Black Roses – The Painter
    BURNING TREE – Greed
    Under the Tongue – Procrastination
    Factory Acts – Senseless
    Al Loya – Redemption
    OWEN DIAMOND – You Got to Show Your Face In Town Tonight
    Justin Erickson – Confronting My Fears
    Antiqcool – Girl In a Room
    KILL KASPER – Rock this City
    Brill – O Song…Check out the music video here:

    You can login to the chatroom for Museboat Radio with your Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts as well as anonoymously as a guest here http://museboat.wix.com/multimedia You can post your SHOUTS to the chatroom between shows anytime. MuseRadio encourages everyone to LIKE others’ FB pages, post news and more. If you do not want to login with your social profile, you can login as a Guest. (Be sure to rewrite “Guest” by any nickname you like, so people will know who you are. No one will chat with Guest 284 or Guest 545. You will find it better to choose any easy to remember nickname and rewrite it in the settings.) MuseRadio does not have strict chatroom rules but typical of most chatrooms their admins do not allow any kind of harassment.

    Brooke’s latest live concert review for Lade is now live in the June edition of Music Connection (page 47). Check out the reviews online here: http://musicconnection.com/magazine/current-digital. Special thanks to MusicGoat.com for helping spread the word in their newsletter!

    Special thanks to Monday Blogs for their continued support of Brooke’s Tumblr page! You can check out Brooke’s poems and art there: http://brooketroutblog.tumblr.com/

    Brooke is an official part of The Soupy Gato Family so wants to spread the word that if you are a band that fits any of the following requirements: Liechtenstein Traditional of any country Folk Pagan Metal Meditate cool-crazy-weird (just have good sound) Make submissions to: For Mp3’s : soupygato [at] gmail [dot] com For CD’s send via snail mail to: Daniel J Harris Kesselloop 25 4813NS Breda The Netherlands

    And before we forget save the date for our summer show at Adams’ Pack Station in the San Gabriel mountains on August 2nd. We’re excited to be sharing the stage with our ole buddies, Americana band Grit for their Barnyard Jamboree. More details TBA. Web site: http://adamspackstation.com

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