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    Brooke Trout just broke the top 10 on Reverbnation! Special thanks to the 440 fans on the site for listening to the current track listing “Networth.” This song was the title track for Brooke’s second album that was named “Most Original in Alternative Rock” by Garageband.com. Listen to more of the album here: Networth

    Also a special thanks to DJ Daniel Harris in The Netherlands for spinning Brill’s first single “O Song” on the 453 show of The Soupy Gato Show which you can still catch here: The Soupy Gato Show

    Brooke’s latest concert reviews are now live in this month’s edition of Music Connection. Check out her reviews of Alfa on page 62 and Glitter Rose on page 63 online here: http://musicconnection.com/magazine/current-digital.

    The Glitter Rose review is especially exciting because the photograph featured with the review was taken by legendary rock photographer Greg Papazian who has photographed everyone from Marc Bolan to Led Zeppelin for venues including The Roxy and The Whiskey. Greg photographed occasionally for the legendary Midnight Special television show and his work has appeared in several publications including Rolling Stone. You can check out his stunning black and white photography gallery and get updates on local shows to view his work in person here: http://www.papazianphotography.com/

    December also marks a very special annual tradition at Music Connection where contributing writers get to nominate their favorite acts they’ve seen in the past year. A shout out goes to Brooke’s nominations for this year’s Hot 100:

    Brooke’s Favorite Acts In 2014:
    1. Name of Artist/Band: Kingston & Vice
    Web site: http://kingstonandvice.com/
    Style of music: Garage Rock
    City they’re located in: Long Beach, CA

    2 Name of Artist/Band: Honor By August
    Web site: http://www.honorbyaugust.com/
    Style of music: Rock
    City they’re located in: Washington, DC

    3 Name of Artist/Band: Alexis Keegan
    Web site: http://www.alexiskeegan.com/
    Style of music: Pop
    City they’re located in: Maplewood, NJ

    4 Name of Artist/Band: Galvanized Souls
    Web site: http://galvanizedsouls.com/
    Style of music: Alternative
    City they’re located in: Ventura, CA

    5 Name of Artist/Band: Brian Whelan
    Web site: Rock
    Style of music: http://www.brianwhelanmusic.com/
    City they’re located in: Los Angeles, CA

    Galvanized Souls also got a little congratulatory plug on page 49 of this month’s issue for being among the nominees. And in case you missed Brooke’s review of them in the October edition (p. 52) of Music Connection you can order back copies of the magazine at: http://musicconnection.com/magazine/current-digital.

    Brooke is now an official part of The Soupy Gato Family so wants to spread the word that if you are a band that fits any of the following requirements:
    Traditional of any country
    Folk Pagan Metal
    cool-crazy-weird (just have good sound)
    Make submissions to:
    For Mp3’s : soupygato [at] gmail [dot] com
    For CD’s send via snail mail to:
    Daniel J Harris
    Kesselloop 25
    4813NS Breda
    The Netherlands

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