• Yes We Did…FISH!

    Posted in Blog by Brooke Trout

    We did it everyone! Thanks to your help in getting the votes out for The Red Herring! Now we are playing this FREE, ALL AGES show at The Roxy this Thursday for you all! 😀 Yes we did!! 😀

    Brooke Trout, Big Dave and Vincent are participating in a furious battle of the bands competition live on Thursday, April 7! www.theroxyonsunset.com

    We were so thrilled to have reached the top ten and just a few days ago we made in into the final four! We have so many good people to thank including Women’s Radio, Dockers, G4 and a special shout out to Alison, Justin, Brian, Darlene, Claudia, Rita, and everyone else who reposted our announcement online! We were so excited to discover that our efforts resulted in a special plug by Eventful.com where we were listed on their hottest demands page and their home page; just yesterday listed as number 4 on their top 40! Montana raised Brooke Trout was particularly tickled to be higher in the rankings than Hannah Montana. Big Dave was quick to point out that The Red Herring is not as hot as Yanni. Trout speculated that perhaps if the band’s name was changed to The Red Herring & John Tesh that rating would be quickly challenged.

    Thank you to everyone who voted bringing us to number 3 of 75 bands with well over 600 votes! Yes we did…FISH!

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