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    “I remember the first Brook Trout that I ever caught. The year was 1943 and I was working for the Forest Service in the Bob Marshall wilderness. I was number 2 of a 2 man crew fixing trails and hanging telephone lines. One day after work I got my fishing gear and headed to a small creek that emptied into the Spotted Bear River. I put a Royal Coachman fly on my leader and started to fish. To my great joy on my second cast I felt a solid tug on my line. When I reeled in I saw that I had caught an eight inch spotted Beautiful Brooke Trout. I gently took the hook out of its mouth and after looking at it for a moment I put it back in the Creek. For all I know it is still swimming around up in that little creek.” -Grampa

    January was a bittersweet month for Brooke as her Grandpa Ralph passed away at the mark of the New Year. Ralph was very supportive of Brooke’s creative endeavors. Way back in 1998 when she played with her band The Free Radicals at the Santa Barbara County Fair for a two hour show, Ralph was there with his video camera taking footage. Whether it was huckleberry picking, fly fishing or making home videos, Grandpa Ralph was a Renaissance man who let anything that captured his interest transform into a passion he mastered. It was this unique combination of inquisitiveness and work ethic that inspired Brooke to pursue an education in the visual and cinematic arts.

    Ralph always believed in Brooke’s projects, offering encouraging words that hard work would and will have rewards. She was very happy to honor that belief by recording the first two tracks for The Red Herring’s EP release in February. The band’s time in the studio recording with Crazyville Productions has been top notch both technically and creatively. They are all having a great time working together and the premix sounds so A plus – working on those performance dynamics and amping up on rehearsals has completely paid off! The team has a lot of exciting ideas in the works so keep a look out for an official band website, music videos and more information on how you can contribute to their cause as they launch their endeavor to raise funds for the full length debut release!

    The Red Herring has got some awesome show coming up for March! On the 1st they are playing at Busby’s East in the Wilshire district. This is a very cool bar with an art loft feel and retro lounge seating, great parking in the back, a big elevated stage for the bands and an outdoor/indoor patio area as well as. Also up for March is Brooke Trout’s Birthday* at The Viper Room! First 25 persons to RSVP get a special $5 ticket for admission!

    *Fun fact: Did you know Brooke Trout shares a birthday with Andrew Lloyd Weber and William Shatner? Both musical geniuses!

    Special thanks to Brian Ball for featuring this blog on Women’s Radio Music Review!


    March 1st at 9:40 pm – Surge Event presents The Red Herring at Busby’s East, 5364 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036. Parking Available behind the club or street parking. 21 plus. $10 w/discount ticket or flier, $15 without.

    March 23rd at 8 pm – The Codega presents Brooke Trout’s Special Birthday Show! First 25 persons to RSVP get a special $5 ticket for admission! The Red Herring perform at 8 p.m. on the main stage of the World Famous Viper Room. The evening will also feature an AC/DC Tribute Band, an acoustic lounge and a live DJ. 21 plus. $12 cover, $8 w/ flyer

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