• Currenthoughts: The Paunch and Judy Show

    Currenthoughts Cartoon by Brooke Trout

  • Songs About Animals…like Fish!

    We love this great new article about animal songs by Will Phoenix written for The Examiner with a shout out to Brill! http://www.examiner.com/list/animal-tracks-songs-about-animals-15 The article plugs the title track of our debut album Fish Out Of Water that is now available on CDBaby, iTunes and several other digital music vendors. Will also wrote a great […]

  • The Fish Is Out Of The Water…New Album Live!

    We are so excited to announce our debut album Fish Out Of Water is now available online as of May 1st on CDBaby, iTunes and several other digital music vendors. A very special thank you to Mike Milchner of Sonic Vision Mastering! We just got our first official review of our album written by journalist Will […]

  • VIDEO: Brill – Shine

    Music video for “Shine,” from Brill’s debut album “Fish Out of Water” to be released on May 1st! Animation by Brooke Trout.

  • Why Must Everyone SHINE?!

    Why Must Everyone Shine?! We ask that very question in our brand new music video for our next single from our debut album Fish Out Of Water! Special thanks to WomensRadio.com’s The Female Musicians Daily for helping spread the word! The song is called Shine with animation by Brooke Trout and you can watch the […]

  • Vegas, Baby…Brill on MuseBoat Radio

    We are so excited to announce our debut album Fish Out Of Water will be released on CDBaby on May 1st. In the mean time stay tuned for sneak peaks of what to expect on a variety of radio programs TBA including our spot this month on MuseBoat Radio out of Las Vegas! You can […]

  • El Pequeno Mofeto (The Little Skunk)

    Here is the story of how the skunk got its smell written and illustrated by Brooke Trout! Full PDF here: El Pequeno Mofeto

  • To The Letter: O Song Official Music Video, J Von D Radio and More…

    We are so excited that we just had our final recording session and all ten tracks from our forthcoming debut album “Fish Out of Water” have been sent on for mastering. We are planning on releasing the album officially on May 1st. Stay tuned for radio appearances! Above: Brooke rocking her new xylophone which appears […]

  • Top 10, Hot 100 and More!

    Brooke Trout just broke the top 10 on Reverbnation! Special thanks to the 440 fans on the site for listening to the current track listing “Networth.” This song was the title track for Brooke’s second album that was named “Most Original in Alternative Rock” by Garageband.com. Listen to more of the album here: Networth Also […]

  • O Song Goes International With Soup!

    Check out The Soupy Gato Show on 11/20 to hear an awesome 453 show featuring DJ Daniel Harris out of Holland. This will be Brill’s first official radio play for their new single O Song now available on over twenty digital vendors including CD Baby and iTunes! Thursday’s show also marks the first ever international […]