• Dia De Los Muertos, Music Connection and Brill Updates

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    Hello Everyone!

    Brill has been on something of a live-show hiatus in the interest of penning and producing our follow up album to our debut “Fish Out Of Water.” We are happy to announce that we have nearly fully developed ten new songs which we plan to record and release some time next year.

    Since her last blog post Brooke has written a number of live concert reviews for Music Connection Magazine. This eclectic assortment of artists includes Travis Marsh, Artur Menezes, Alma Lake, Christie Lenee, Brenna Bavis Band, Tara Beier, Sidney B, The Wag and most recently Levi Petree. That review is currently live in the October edition of Music Connection. Just check out the live reviews online here: http://musicconnection.com/magazine/current-digital. And if you’re looking to read more from Brooke check out her archive at http://www.musicconnection.com/author/brooke-trout/

    If you are still keeping up Brooke is also revisiting her college years in her zine “Hooked” in a Tumblr retrospective at http://retrohooked.tumblr.com/! We’re almost to the end of the run with 74 issues!

    Also save the date! Just two weeks from now on November 5th Brooke will be chalk drawing again for the 17th annual Dia De Los Muertos Festival in Canoga Park. She has been participating in this festival for the past ten years but in more recent years has been on the committee responsible for developing the event. She is very happy to announce that over the last two years the chalk festival that she has helped organize now has the participation of both the local Canoga Park High School and her alma mater Cal State University of Northridge! So please do make the effort to come out and be blown away by some serious art! Also there is live music, delicious food, an incredible children’s art exhibition at the Canoga Park Youth Arts Center on Remmet as well children’s activities and traditional dancing from folklorico and Aztec dancers. And there is an epic car show. Seriously fun for all! Official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/DiadelosMuertosFestivalCanogaPark/

    Brooke is an official part of The Soupy Gato Family so wants to spread the word that if you are a band that fits any of the following requirements: Liechtenstein Traditional of any country Folk Pagan Metal Meditate cool-crazy-weird (just have good sound) Make submissions to: For Mp3’s : soupygato [at] gmail [dot] com For CD’s send via snail mail to: Daniel J Harris Kesselloop 25 4813NS Breda The Netherlands




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