• O Joy For New Single!

    Posted in Blog by Brooke Trout

    Brill is “O” so happy and proud to announce the release of our first single “O Song” just in time for Rocktober! You can be among the very first to download it here on CDBaby: O Song A very special thank you to Mike Milchner of Sonic Vision Mastering!

    “O Song” is the first single from our forthcoming debut album “Fish Out Of Water” to be released in the Spring of 2015. “O Song” is among a few of the album’s tracks that will feature ukulele. Brooke got lessons last year on the Walt Disney Concert Hall stage from Grammy award winning ukulelist Daniel Ho during the annual Ukule-Along at The LA Music Center. The Ukule-Along is an amazing educational opportunity for all levels of experience not to mention a unique confluence of hundreds of Hawaiian and Ukelele pun garbed folks! “Party Till You Uke” was one of Brooke’s especial favorite t-shirt slogans, donned by a guy who may or may not have been John Waters.

    Brill continues to devote their weekends to laying down tracks. They’ll have some digital download stickers available once they start performing live again. The decision was made to go on live show hiatus this year in order to devote time to producing the highest of quality albums for you!

    Check out Brooke Trout’s latest live reviews of The Gallery and Galvanized Souls (the latter of which made the month’s featured artist promotional blast) in the October edition of Music Connection (p. 52, 54!): http://musicconnection.com/magazine/current-digital/ Special thanks to NetteRadio Daily Edition for helping spread the word!

    And in case you missed Brooke’s review of Jon Mullane in the August edition (p. 51) of Music Connection you can order back copies of the magazine at: http://musicconnection.com/magazine/current-digital/ Shout out to Jon who was also just featured for an extensive exclusive interview in the latest edition of Shine On Hollywood Magazine in promotion of his latest single “Shine On Tonight.”

    Unfortunately Mahoganygirl.net will be retiring. Brooke was fortunate to be asked to contribute to the recent site reboot and also to work with Mahoganygirl.com since 2004 as a “What’s Hot” editor and contributor of articles and interviews on entertainment, fashion and most recently politics as well as music, movie and restaurant reviews. Check out Brooke’s most recent article for Mahoganygirl.net here: http://mahoganygirl.net/short-sweet-redbox-picks/ The very best wishes to founder and head editor Latisha Simmons on continued success for her next adventures and ventures!

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